LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 25: Takeoff of Migos performs onstage during Global Citizen Live on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

The second victim of the night Takeoff was shot and killed has spoken out for the first time. On Wednesday (January 18), Sydney Leday, sat down with local news outlet KHOU 11 and recalled the moment that led to her getting shot in the head after in front of a Houston bowling alley on November 1, 2022.

Leday recalled hearing shots fired and attempting to run away. She felt a stinging sensation in the back of her head and fell to the ground.

“I told her [Leday’s mother] to come to the hospital, but I ended up having a seizure, so I was on the phone with her the whole time,” Leday said. “I remember the whole thing. I felt the sting in the back of my head. I felt myself falling and the person I was with picked me up and got in the car but it was just it was like a scary movie.”

She continued: “Ironically, it was Halloween night. I had on a nun outfit I had blood all over me and it was still my birthday weekend. So I mean like any other 24-year-old, I was just out partying and celebrating ’cause I really never dressed up for Halloween and that was something I was excited about.”

Before the shots were fired Leday did not feel any kind of danger. She and her friends arrived at the bowling alley around midnight and were having a good tome prior to the gunfire.

“It was pretty normal in my opinion. I didn’t get scared it wasn’t any arguments or anything until the event was actually over,” she said holding back tears. “That’s when I knew something was wrong after the fact ’cause I thought these people that were arguing was just playing from, like I said, the energy that was in the room before everybody was around the table playing a game of dice. So I thought it was just like, you know, some like friendly banter.”

Leday said she saw an argument with Migos rapper Quavo, who was also there that night. She got the feeling that something was not right.

“Quavo, he was upset so I noticed that something was wrong. Whenever I noticed that, he was really upset and he was finna leave. So the party wasn’t gonna keep going on, and I saw whenever everything broke out, and I tried to run, but I didn’t go that far so. Yeah, it was like, it was really like a movie.”

Leday and Takeoff weren’t the only victims that night in the Houston bowling alley. A third person, a 23-year-old male, was later identified as Quavo’s assistant, Joshua ‘Wash’ Washington, per TMZ. Washington reportedly suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Takeoff: Twitter Reacts To The Migo Rapper's Death

  • 'It's happening so frequently'

  • 'He deserved far more life'

  • 'I want to see more Black men with grey hair'



  • 'It'll never make sense'

  • 'A disgrace, TMZ'

  • 'Unexpected'

  • 'Posting death photos is beyond cruel'

  • 'Still angry about those videos and images'

  • Heartbroken

  • 'Praying for his family'


  • 'No hot takes'

  • 'Absolutely disgusted'

  • 'The most unproblematic rapper'

  • 'Extremely senseless'

  • 'Devastating'

  • 'We've lost so many these past few years due to violence'

  • 'So much tragic news'


  • 'Nothing but Migos on the speakers today'

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