If you have been wondering how tax dollars has improved the roadwork in Florida, MoneyGeek has published a report this week to shed some light on the subject. Specifically, it shows how Florida’s road conditions rank compared to the rest of the country. Relatively speaking, Florida’s roads are doing quite well, finishing 4th.

MonkeyGeek explained that they analyzed data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Census Bureau to fully examine what is getting put into the urban road work, and how is it performing. They then ask whether more state spending translates to better roads?

Overall, the results are bit alarming. “About 1 in 10 U.S. roads are in poor condition, but urban roads are even worse: 1 in 5 are in poor condition,” the report states. But let’s focus on the positives here: Florida is at the right end of this list.

What Does This Mean?

Florida’s state roughness score was 78.6. For comparison purposes, California (the worst-ranked state for roads) scored a 160.3 in roughness. In Florida, 71% of roads are in good condition, and only 5% are in poor condition.

“States generally spend proportionately to the vehicle miles traveled,” MoneyGeek explains. “States are using available funds to maintain — not fix or improve — crumbling roads.” They calculated that Florida spends $78.58 per 1,000 vehicle miles traveled. At 208,076 miles registered, that’s a total spend of $7,364,875.

Consumer Affairs also chimed in on this subject, and also had positive things to report about Florida’s infrastructure. “In terms of pavement conditions, over 99% of Florida’s rural roads and about 95% of its urban roads are in fair or good condition,” they wrote.

The Florida DOT does provide updates on all major state roads that are under construction. For example, Collier County currently has three construction projects. From pedestrian safety upgrades to road widening.

Florida Road Construction

In Conclusion

Florida is one of the country’s most populated states. Only California and Texas have a higher population than Florida’s 21 million. As we go back to our initial question – how are Florida’s road conditions ranking? Though it is fair to say there is much room for improvement (especially with 382 miles of Rt. 95), Florida has more favorable road conditions.

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