Cape Coral Man’s Attic Hideout From Police Ends with an Epic Fail.

A man falling through the ceiling might sound like the plot of a bad sitcom, but for 28-year-old Dylan Alexander Flore, it was just another Thursday evening. According to NBC2, when police arrived at Flore’s Cape Coral home to arrest him. However, they soon found themselves in a real-life game of hide-and-seek.

At first, the detectives tried to get Flore’s attention by knocking on the front door. Then they tried the back door.  Next they even tried the windows. But it seemed like Flore was either really good at ignoring people or was simply not at home. That is until they heard someone marching around in the garage and heading towards the attic.

The investigators then contacted Flore’s sister, who seemed just as confused as they were about her brother’s whereabouts. But after a little bit of probing, she admitted that she had seen him entering the attic earlier.

Cape Coral Hideout:

Despite the detectives’ attempts to talk to Flore through the hatch, he refused to come out. It wasn’t until a K-9 unit showed up that he was finally found cowering in a corner. Even then, he continued to resist arrest, leaving the officers with no choice but to use pepper spray and a Taser.

And just when they thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Flore decided to take a leap of faith, crashing through the ceiling and landing on the bedroom floor. Talk about making an entrance.


In the end, Flore was taken to the hospital for evaluation before being sent to the county jail. It turns out that the clear glass tube found in his pocket was used for smoking narcotics, which the detectives promptly took as evidence.

One can only imagine the thoughts running through Flore’s mind as he lay on the bedroom floor in handcuffs, contemplating his decisions. But one thing’s for sure, his next game of hide-and-seek is going to have to be a lot more discreet.

Hilarious Cat Videos For TikTok Tuesday

Cats are funny creatures aren’t they? TikTok is full of all kinds of videos with animals including cats. I was laughing out loud at so many of these that I rounded up five of the most hilarious cat videos for TikTok Tuesday.

The social media platform is full of all kinds of DIY videos, instructional videos, lots of dancing and pranks too.  The funny videos have been topping my feed lately. The world is full of so much bad news lately, so finding things that make us laugh seems more important than ever. And even on good days, who doesn’t appreciate or like a good laugh?

Cats are always good entertainment. They are bendy, skittish, jumpy, curious, and when you put all that together, it’s a great recipe for comedy.

cat videos

Look at this adorable 6 week old tabby kitten sitting in a cardboard box. The yawn looks like a big happy smile.

I’m on TikTok and got sucked into funny animal videos over the weekend. The cats always make me laugh and seemed to populate often. So I picked a few compilation videos to share. Some of them are a little long but they are worth the watch.

You don’t have to be a subscriber to the social media platform in order to view these. Simply scroll down and hit play. They are all kid and office friendly. In addition, they are guaranteed to make you smile. Here are the top five most hilarious cat videos for this week’s TikTok Tuesday post.

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