Well, it seems that the city of Fort Myers has a new foodie on the loose – but this one doesn’t seem to be interested in cooking up a storm. No, According to NBC2, this culinary criminal has been spotted stealing food straight out of people’s fridges!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Who steals food from someone else’s fridge? That’s just cold!” But apparently, this suspect doesn’t give a fridge about other people’s property. He’s been caught on camera breaking into a family’s lanai and making off with all sorts of goodies – from sodas to tortillas to meats and cheese.

Honestly, I have to give the guy credit for having such diverse taste. Most people would just grab a slice of pizza or some leftover Chinese food, but this guy is going all out. Maybe he’s a food blogger trying to expand his palate. Or maybe he’s just really hungry. Who knows?

Fort Myers Family:

But one thing’s for sure – the Lopez family, whose fridge has been repeatedly raided by this thief, have had enough. They’ve set up cameras to catch the thief in the act, and have even reported him to the police. And now, it’s up to the good people of Fort Myers to keep an eye out for a suspect in a black hoodie, black pants with three stripes, black shoes, and a dark-colored backpack.

So if you see someone sneaking around your neighbor’s lanai, don’t be afraid to speak up! After all, this is a serious crime – especially if your neighbor has some really good leftovers in their fridge. Let’s put an end to this food theft once and for all, and make Fort Myers safe for all snackers.

13 Outdoor Bar Must Have To Grab Before Summer

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With Spring in bloom and Summer on the horizon, I’ve been dying to “open up” my outdoor bar. Warm summer nights with a cold drink in my hand on the patio are some of my favorites. Plus, for those of you who enjoy hosting a summer get-together with friends, an outdoor bar area is a brilliant idea. So I’ve put together a list of my outdoor bar must have items. Check them out below. 

  • 1) Outdoor Beer Table

    This is great for those summer nights with you and friend. This beer table not only can hold two beer bottles, but it also holds a snack! Plus, it has a bottle opener right in the center.

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  • 2) Outdoor Wine Table

    And if you’re a wine drinker, you can still enjoy this great table, but with the ability to hold wine glasses instead.

    Get It Now From Uncommon Goods
  • 3) Rolling Cooler Cart with Bottle Opener Drainage

    This is the holy grail of coolers, in my opinion. This cooler cart is 80 quarts meaning it can hold up to 100 cans or 55 bottles. It also comes with a convenient drain so when your ice turns into water you can just drain the cooler quickly. Plus, it has a bottle opener, so you’ll be able to always open your drinks.

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  • 4) Ring Ice Pop Mold

    Listen, this ring ice pop mold immediately is the winner of the summer. Imagine boozy fruity ring pops being pulled out during those hot summer nights? Sounds perfect, right!? 

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  • 5) No Spill Insulated Pitcher

    This is such a lifesaver for boozy brunch on the patio! Like mimosas in this bad boy are so much more secure. The no-spill insulated pitcher is great for when you’ve had a few too many and accidentally knock over the pitcher. It is a 2-liter size so that’s great for making batch mixies!

    Get It Now From Uncommon Goods
  • 6) Condiment Serving Tray

    If you’re a garnish person, or even if you just love eating olives while you’re drinking cocktails, this condiment serving tray is so great. The best part is that it can be put on ice, so you won’t have to worry about them going bad too quickly in the sun. Pro tip: these are great for grad parties too.

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  • 7) 3-Tiered Cocktail Seasoning Rimmers

    This is great for the margarita lovers out there! The 3-tiered cocktail seasoning rimmer is such a great tool to have whether it’s part of your indoor bar or outdoor bar. The three compartments allow you to add lime juice, sugar, and salt to each panel so you can line your beverage glasses more easily. You’re going to feel like a real bartender with this one.

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  • 8) Beer Preserver Jackets

    I love a fun beer koozy. These beer life preserver jackets are a fun way to keep your beer bottles and cans cool. Plus, they’re fun if you’re on the water or planning to take a trip to the beach this summer.

    Get It Now From Uncommon Goods
  • 9) Temperature Controlling Wine Sleeve

    Again, I gotta take care of my wine lovers too. These wine sleeves help you keep your wine at the temperature you want. I’m an avid white wine drinker, so these really come in handy when I’ve got a bottle chilled.

    Get It Now From Uncommon Goods
  • 10) Chill and Serve Outdoor Cheese Board

    I also love a good cheese platter! I am a charcuterie girl at heart, so this is a great way to not only have a delicious charcuterie board outside, but it can also help protect the food from flies and other bugs. But my favorite part is the slate disc. Chill that before taking it outside and insert it into your board so that you can keep the meat and cheese cool.

    Get It Now From Uncommon Goods
  • 11) Wall Pong

    Well, it just makes it more fun right? This wall pong is just like beer pong, but you can play in a more unique way. Think of it like a combo of darts and beer pong.

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  • 12) Outdoor Patio Lights

    You have to create the perfect mood! These outdoor patio string lights are beautiful. They have a beautiful golden light quality that gives you almost a fire-like glow to it.

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  • 13) Mesh Zero Gravity Chairs

    And last, but certainly not least, these mesh zero gravity chairs are so great for an outdoor bar area. Now most people would probably go with a bar stool, but I am all about the comfort. Which is why I love these so much. I can relax and lean back while I have my drink surrounded by the quiet of the night.

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Please note that items are in stock and prices are accurate at the time we published this list. Have an idea for a fun theme for a gift idea list you’d like us to create?  Drop us a line at shopping@bbgi.com

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