Popular Florida School One Of The Most Dangerous College Campuses of 2023

Heading off to college is such an exciting time in a young adults life.  So much goes into making the choice on where you should spend 4 years or more, continuing your  education.   Of course, what you’ll study while in college is important.  To those 18-22ish, social and night life are important.  But, one thing that should also abosultely be considered when deciding on your college, is safety.

The folks over at Degree Choices conducted a recent study on the 27 most dangerous college campuses in the US.  In order to complete this, they enlisted data from the United States Department of Education, including violent crime across 14,000 colleges from 2019 – 2021.

They defined a violent crime as a crime that involves the use of force or threat of force against a person, according to the FBI.  These types of crimes include rape, murder, assault and robbery.

In their findings, one Florida school was named number 21 in the top 27 most dangerous college campuses for 2023.  That school is the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, with 87 violent crimes being reported on campus between 2019 – 2021.

When searching for schools for yourself, or your student, be sure to keep this in mind.  Safety and what the schools are doing to keep students safe should be considered.


List of Top 50 Party Schools in U.S.

Consider this a public service announcement for all of the seniors in high-school. Our friends over at niche.com have published a list of the top 50 party schools in the US. Among the 50 biggest party schools are four schools in the state of Florida. Including one school cracking the top-3. Alumni of these schools will most likely wear this as a badge of honor. Obviously I would not choose a school based solely on the party atmosphere. But if you’re looking for that party atmosphere, or maybe not, then this list can help sway your decision in one way or the other. I’m not entirely sure how niche.com came up with the list, but if you click the link you can see most schools have well over 3,000 reviews left by current and former students.

There are a few schools that didn’t make the list that seemed odd to me. UCF in Orlando, Arizona State in Tempe, and East Carolina in Greenville just to name a few. The first two seem to be because they are in larger metro areas and maybe the actual college party scene isn’t as great as the overall party scene. However I have been to Greenville and know the Pirates know how to Party. I’ve taken the niche.com list and added a new component; PICTURES. Some of these school’s party scenes are directly tied to the great athletics the schools offer. Others let the partying stand on their own. So with out further adieu, I present the top 50 party schools in the country.

  • 50. LSU


    LSU makes the list based off night games in Death Valley alone.

  • 49. Texas Southern University


    Not gonna lie, this one surprised me.

  • 48. Texas Tech University


    The Red Raiders will be upset they’re this low. There’s nothing else to do in Lubbock other than party.

  • 47. North Carolina A&T University

    Yeah… that looks like they know how to party.

  • 46. Temple University


    Makes sense with the Philly party scene. They’ve also had students in Antarctica on Antarctica. However you say it- they’ve done it.

  • 45. University of Massachusetts Amherst


    Not going to lie… this one surprised me

  • 44. College of Charleston

    Top 50 Party Schools in the U.S. C of C

    The Cistern at the College of Charleston

    Charleston is a great town. It definitely has parts of it that feel like you’re in a small college town. But it also has parts that have the southern charm of a small town. Great food, great music, and great drinks.

  • 43. University of Pennsylvania


    Another school located in the heart of Philadelphia. It’s surprising to see an Ivy League school and partying associated with each other. But good on you Penn students.

  • 42. University of Arizona


    Bear Down Wildcats! Great weather, good sports, and plenty of fun to be had for students in Tucson.

  • 41. Washington State University


    The fact is there isn’t a ton to do in Pullman Washington. You’ve got to find something to do and partying seems to be it for Cougars students.

  • 40. University of Florida

    Top 50 Party Schools in US Florida

    (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

    Great weather, great college town, and a historically great athletic department (although it might be down right now).

  • 39. Lehigh University


    Lehigh is an excellent academic school with a great party scene as well.

  • 38. University of CIncinnati

    Top 50 Party Schools in US UC

    (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

    Cincinnati is a big metro area, so I knew there would be plenty of bars and restaurants. But the students at UC know how to party with the best of them.

  • 37. University at Albany, SUNY


    I get it. It’s below 40 degrees for most of the year so you got to figure out a way to stay warm. What better way then pack a frat house and let the liquid flow.

  • 36. University of Kansas

    Top 50 Party Schools in US Kansas

    (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

    This was the scene after Kansas won the basketball national championship in 2022. Any student base that can create a scene like this has to know a thing or two about partying at an elite level.

  • 35. James Madison University

    top 50 party schools in US James Madison

    (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

    JMU has been on the party scene for years. The campus is less than 100 miles from Washington DC, but still remote enough to have the college town feel.

  • 34. Southern Methodist University


    Located in the heart of Dallas, SMU offers the big city lifestyle to their students. It’s a good academic school too.

  • 33. University of Oklahoma


    It’s Oklahoma. They care about football entirely too much, and I mean that as a complement. Look at the student section for home games.

  • 32. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor


    From where I sit, Michigan is the best combination of elite academic school, great sports, and located in a metro while holding onto the college town feel in the country. I’m kind of surprised they aren’t higher on this list.

  • 31. Vanderbilt University


    I mean it’s located in Nashville. It’s one of the best cities in the world in terms of live music and bars. Another spectacular academic school, they’ve got one of the best party scenes in the world just minutes from campus.

  • 30. University of Delaware


    All I knew about UD was the football helmets are very similar to Michigan’s, and Joe Flacco went there. But know I know they can party with the best of them too.

  • 29. Clark Atlanta University


    CAU was founded in just 1988, but like athletics there are inherent advantages based on your location. Being in Atlanta they have a huge advantage just because of their location.

  • 28. University of Dayton


    There’s a theme that schools in Ohio know what they’re doing when it comes to partying.

  • 27. University of Miami


    This one was easy to see coming. They’re in one of the best vacation cities in the world. They’ve got a very good athletic department along with the biggest concerts and professional sporting events in the world. OH yeah- I almost forgot South Beach. It ain’t a college town, but they know how to party in Miami.

  • 26. University of South Carolina


    SEC baby. It just means more.

  • 25. University of Colorado Boulder


    Sure it gets a little cold in the winter. But the weather from April through October is beautiful. Boulder is one of the more underrated college towns in the West.

  • 24. Rutgers University- New Brunswick

    Top 50 Party Schools in US Rutgers

    (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

    Any student section that shows up in these numbers to support a well below average athletic department knows what they’re doing. Also being in New Jersey, they need to lift their spirits somehow.

  • 23. University of Virginia


    The Hoos students are not just Brainiac’s. They know what they’re doing with a red solo cup in their hands.

  • 22. THE Ohio State University



  • 21. University of Texas - Austin

    The ol’ “Hook ’em Horns”

  • 20. Michigan State University


    The Ferris Buehler reference in the video is nice.

  • 19. Florida A & M University


    Another Florida school.

  • 18. San Diego State University


    They had a good run this year.

  • 17. University Of Iowa


    Since we’re talking basketball…

  • 16. Indiana University


    Food truck Mondays? Genius.

  • 15. Miami University


    The original Miami. In Ohio.

  • 14. Ohio University


    Another Ohio party school, just up the road from Miami.

  • 13. University of Mississippi


    Ole Miss.

  • 12. Penn State


    It gets weird in the Big 10.

  • 11. West Virginia University


    WVU just missed the Top 10.

  • 10. University of Illinois



  • 9. University of Southern California


    USC is always in the Top 10.

  • 8. Syracuse University


    Orange Nation takes the 8 spot.

  • 7. University of Georgia


    That video made me ready for next season.

  • 6. University of Wisconsin

    Another entry from the Big 10.

  • 5. Howard University


    Starting off the Top 4 with Howard U.

  • 4. The University of Alabama


    Big Al making memes.

  • 3. Florida State University


    Our top Florida entry at number 3. The bar scene around the campus is in-sane.

  • 2. Tulane University


    It’s a party school IN a party town.

  • 1. University of California - Santa Barbara


    UCSB takes the top spot.

  • Find the full list here:  Niche


Popular Florida School One Of The Most Dangerous College Campuses of 2023

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