Snoop Dogg and Master P’s “Snoop Cereal” will hit Walmart shelves in July. In an interview with AllHipHop, Master P said that they want Snoop’s cereal add to the diversity in grocery stores.

“When you talk about Snoop Cereal, this is bigger than just cereal,” the No Limit founder asserted. “I know a lot of people may ask, they want to talk about the ingredients, how it started. Me and Snoop believed in putting out brands that could feed our culture and feed our people. I grew up eating cereal. I grew up on WIC. We are able to sell at WIC now.”

“We don’t all own brands like this. And it’s so important because we grew up eating these products. But we got to stop the self-hate amongst each other when we talk about African-American-owned brands and give us the opportunity to get on those shelves because Snoop Cereal is bigger. The brand is all about trying to tackle homelessness, give back to a community and a culture, and rebuild and put economic empowerment into our community.”

On Mother’s Day (May 14), Master P spoke about another Broadus Food product: Momma Snoop Oatmeal. The rap mogul spoke about how it’s important for African Americans to make their mark in the food industry. He compared it to the infamous Aunt Jemima (now Pearl Milling Company), which played on racial stereotypes.

“I want to tell y’all why Momma Snoop Oatmeal is so important because we look at Aunt Jemima—that was just a mockery of us,” he said with Snoop standing beside him. “It wasn’t a real person. We changing the game…this is a way for us to make Momma Snoop live on and on. Momma Snoop was a beautiful person that blessed the world.

“Me and Snoop are the kings of breakfast food because we are fighting for our culture and our people to put brands in the stores. So now we’ll be in Walmart on July 15.”

Snoop added that he is hoping to create generational wealth with Broadus Foods: “To see it all coming to light…because we building a brand that’s black-owned and family-based. It’s going to be something that’s gonna be here when we not here. And we just giving y’all information on what to do and how to do it. To be able to be friends after so many years of doing business and then to come back together again, to find ways to continue the business. As Black people, we gotta find ways to work together instead of pulling each other down.”

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