Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer poses with Disney character Goofy at Disney's Hollywood Studios in front of the "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith." (Photo by Diana Zalucky/Disney via Getty Images)

It’s nearly impossible to go to Disney World in Orlando and ride everything in all the parks in a single visit. I did it once, but it’ll never happen again. It was about 10 years ago when Magic Bands first came out. For some reason they wanted to show them off to radio dj’s in Fort Myers. The two of us were given Magic Bands with unlimited park hopper, unlimited fast passes and no scheduling. We did the Aerosmith coaster 3 times and I think we rode Expedition Everest 5 times in a row. No lie, we got off, and walked right back on. it was crazy. I doubt that’ll ever happen again. We did so many rides at Disney World we were exhausted.

Now you need to choose what to do. And do your research so you can get to do what you want. There’s a new study out that ranks the popularity of Walt Disney World Rides. The crazy part of this list is that the top ride no longer exists. Did I give it away? Read on.

The research, conducted by Disney travel planning experts MagicGuides, examined every ride from all four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort, OrlandoMagic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studiosbased on three key factors: Instagram hashtags, Tripadvisor ratings and average monthly search volume for each ride. These factors were combined in an index to give each ride a total score to discover the most popular rides at Disney World. 

One thing to note.

6 of the Top 10 most popular rides are in Magic Kingdom. So, if you can only do one park, that might be the one.  Here’s the Top 15, including a POV video of each. Plus a bonus at the end.

  • 15. Soarin’ Around the World

    This Epcot favorite does not disappoint. Plus it’s at Epcot, so you’ll probably be ‘drinking around the world’ when you ride.

  • 14. Toy Story Mania

    Waiting in line is actually as much fun as the ride. There’s so much to see. Plus it’s a great spot to get some air conditioning. Especially the air conditioning.

  • 13. TRON Lightcycle / Run

    The new ride at Magic Kingdom. So new that I haven’t been on it, yet. Looks amazing.

  • 12. Avatar Flight of Passage

    One of the comments on the video says it best. “you can smell the sea and feel the breeze and little water droplets and you can even feel the creature breathing under you.” True story: I fell asleep in the theater watching the original Avatar. Only time that’s ever happened to me.

  • 11. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

    It was a relief to find out that the rumors of a rebranding were false. Aerosmith is still a very big part of this ride. And hopefully they’ll always be. You forget just how many hits they had until you do this.

  • 10. Jungle Cruise

    Some of the original elements of the ride were scrubbed as Disney removed elements they deem ‘culturally insensitive’. So this may look a little differently than you remember. Still a relaxing adventure.

  • 9. Star Tours

    A must for Star Wars fans. Lots of original Star Wars stuff here. Love it. I got a selfie next to Chewbacca.

  • 8. Big Thunder Mountain

    The scenery on this ride is amazing. I like to ride and just look around.

  • 7. Haunted Mansion

    As old as this one is, it’s still quite popular. Haunted Mansion, ranks in seventh place. It’s also the ride where people like to scatter their dead relative’s ashes (don’t do that). 

  • 6. Expedition Everest

    It always seems like something on this coaster is broke when I go. Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest is the sixth most popular ride. The almost 200-foot-tall rollercoaster is the only ride from the top 10 to have a 5 out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor and one of only three rides in the top 15 to have this rating too, along with Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith and Avatar Flight of Passage.

  • 5. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ranks as the fifth most popular ride at Disney World. As the newest ride to feature in the top 10, the ride opened in 2019 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios as part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which covers 14 acres. Rise of the Resistance receives 84,218 Google searches a month in America, the third highest number of searches for any ride, and has 130,677 Instagram hashtags. 

  • 4. It's a Small World

    It’s a Small World places next in the ranking, in fourth place. Over 250 million people have ridden the It’s a Small World attraction at Magic Kingdom, the gentle boat ride that showcases different cultures from around the world. The ride receives an average of 49,558 monthly searches and has 352,796 hashtags on Instagram. 

  • 3. Space Mountain

    The research revealed that the thrilling indoor rollercoaster Space Mountain ranks as America’s third favorite ride. Space Mountain is the second most Googled Disney World ride in America, receiving 128,593 average monthly searches, and has the fourth highest number of Instagram hashtags in the ranking, with 128,593 hashtags. Opening in 1975 in the Magic Kingdom, Space Mountain’s popularity has stood the test of time, as it is also the oldest operating rollercoaster in Florida. 

  • 2. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ranks as the second most popular ride. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Tower of Terror is a thrilling drop tower ride with a haunted hotel theme inspired by the classic TV series. The spooky ride has the highest number of hashtags out of any ride on Instagram, with 465,274 hashtags, a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Tripadvisor, and receives an average of 75,943 monthly searches in America. 

  • 1. Splash Mountain

    The study revealed that Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain takes the top spot as the most popular ride at Walt Disney World. The beloved log flume ride has always been a favorite among fans and receives an average of 205,193 monthly searches, 323,813 Instagram hashtags, and a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor. Interestingly, despite ranking as the most popular attraction, Splash Mountain is currently closed while undergoing a major re-imagining to ‘Tiana’s Bayou Adventure’, inspired by Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. 

  • The most popular rides in every state

    The research also revealed each state’s top three favorite rides at Walt Disney World. Splash Mountain is the number one favorite attraction in 49 states, except for Florida. Interestingly, Splash Mountain does not rank as one of Florida’s top three favorite rides, and instead the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind ride takes Florida’s top spot. Located in Epcot, this new thrill ride takes you on an intergalactic chase through time and space alongside Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. 

    This study was conducted by MagicGuides, the ultimate source for the best Disney vacation planning advice online. 

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