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Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to stock up on the summer Must Haves. And what’s one fun way to cool down in the hot summer sun? Some backyard water games! So whether you have little ones or you just want to play around and have fun without having to go to a pool we’ve got 11 backyard water games that are sure to make a splash for your family.

  • 1) Twister Splash

    Who doesn’t love the game Twister?! This Twister Splash takes the game up a level. Each spot on the Splash Mat sprays water; cover the spots with your hands or feet and watch water shoot out the others.
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  • 2) High Bounce Water Balls

    This is one way to make the backyard fun for both kids and adults. Imagine it, you’re hanging out in the backyard and someone pulls out the equivalent of water balloons, but they’re super absorbent and reuseable water balls! Let the games begin, right?
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  • 3) Cactus Sprinkler

    This one is just for having some good fun for the kiddos. It’s an inflatable cactus sprinkler that connects to most hose nozzles.
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  • 4) Splash Pad For Kids & Dogs

    We never want to forget about our dogs! If your pup loves splashing around in the water then this is the backyard water game for them. It’s a simple splash pad that will help both kids and dogs cool off in the hot summer sun.
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  • 5) Dunk Hat Game

    Dunk Hat is pretty straightforward. Unlink your regular dunk tanks, this game sits on the player's head and it’s up to the other players to hit the bulls-eye and drench the person in water.
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  • 6) Splash Tower

    Speaking of Dunk Tank-like games, this splash tower is another perfect way to go. We could definitely see this being used for kids and adults at your summer backyard parties.
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  • 7) NERF Supersoaker

    Come on, of course, we had to include the Supersoaker! That’s what makes backyards fun. You’ll definitely want to grab a couple of these if you’re planning on having a water fight.
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  • 8) NERD Supersoaker Fortnite Edition

    This one is perfect for those gamers out there. While everyone else is just spraying water you’ll be out in the field spraying folks with tactical precision.
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  • 9) Slide N Bounce Water Park

    That’s right, we’re thinking big! This Slide N Bounce Water Park is sure to give your family hours of water fun. It has three levels to bounce, slide and climb making it definitely something to talk about.
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  • 10) Trampoline Sprinkler

    Do you have a trampoline at home? How about making it more fun for the summer with a sprinkler? This sprinkler is easy to attach to the edges of your trampoline and will definitely be a cool spot for the summer.
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  • 11) Inflatable Water Slide and Climbing Wall

    I think these at-home water parks seem like a lot of fun! This one features a climbing wall, a water slide, a basketball rim, and so much more. It’s definitely sure to leave your kids or adults having fun for hours.
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