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Sarcasm is life. We live in a world where you can say one thing, mean another, and wait to see who notices. Those who notice and get the joke may receive greater respect… OR not.  The purveyor of the sarcasm may choose to continue to frown with the same disdain as before, but inside, they appreciate your kindred spirit… OR not.  I have carefully curated a list of funny mugs for the sarcastically inclined.  You’re welcome. 

Some cup ‘o jokes may be offensive if you don’t have a sarcastic sense of humor.  If you do not have a sarcastic sense of humor, it’s not too late.  These delicious mugs of sarcastic goodness may help you find your inner-sarcasm.  If they don’t, here are a couple of warnings because I don’t feel like getting unfunny, poorly-spelled complaint mail from you.  

WARNING: Some of these funny mugs are a terrible idea to use in the workplace.  So, obviously, those are the most attractive to purchase.  I am beyond tempted to buy these and then videotape my colleagues’ reactions when they read the cup, but that whole HR thing may be an issue.   

2ND WARNING: I included a bonus extra naughty mug option.  While it doesn’t contain any actual swear words, phonetically speaking, there are some issues.  The mug is not for the easily offended, butt-hurt, or for those with HR on speed dial.  Again, the whole HR thing may be an issue. 

For those of us that are fairly sure we’re among the smartest and funniest in the workplace or at home, enjoy these funny mugs of delicious, piping-hot sarcasm.  I feel confident at least a couple will make you lol, lmao, for rofl. Assuming you get the joke.  #offensive #nooffense 

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