Florida Man Turns $20 Bill into $5 Million Monopoly Jackpot

Look out, Uncle Pennybags, there's a new Monopoly champ in town, and he's not made of plastic and doesn't wear a top hat! Victor Robbins, a 61-year-old Floridian, just became the real-life Monopoly Man after winning a jaw-dropping $4 million on a Monopoly scratch-off game. Now that's passing "Go" and collecting $4 million! Victor, from Volusia County, decided to try his luck with the $20 MONOPOLY DOUBLER Scratch-Off. And guess what? He struck the jackpot! The Florida Lottery declared his $5 million top prize win in a press release that probably will never happen to me or you but it's really nice to think about. Of course I will be going to get a ticket from Publix in Cape Coral like I always do... You know. Just in case. Monopoly Jackpot: Now, you might be wondering what Victor did with his monopoly fortune. Well, he decided to skip the drama and take a lump-sum payment of nearly $4 million. I mean, who needs to wait for those measly $5 million installments, right? Victor's cash bonanza was bought from a Walmart Market in Port Orange. Imagine standing in line behind him, oblivious to the fact that you're next to a millionaire just waiting to happen. Or worse, you bought the following loser toicket. Oh, the luck of it all! The MONOPOLY DOUBLER game is no small fry in the world of scratch-off games. It's got more than $493 million bucks in prizes, and eight top prizes of $5 million. With odds like 1-in-3.02, you might as well throw your hat in the ring and hope to become the next Monopoly sensation. But remember, not all of us can be as lucky as Victor, who is now officially the Monopoly Master. Belive it or not. The Monopoly Man is real, and his name is Victor Robbins. Let's just hope he doesn't get any ideas about building hotels on Baltic Avenue or charging us all for landing on his Park Place! [select-listicle listicle_id="369896" syndication_name="the-10-most-drawn-winning-mega-millions-numbers-and-mega-ball" description="yes"]

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