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The Best Key Lime Pie In Florida Is At Publix?

I was just as shocked as anyone when I came to this realization. You see, I am a lover of Key Lime Pie. I have tried many from across the state, including going to Key West to have some pie "at the source". Anyone remember Randy's Fish Market in Naples? They made a really great pie. I miss that place.  Another amazing one is in Tampa, Mike's Pies. Mike's Key Lime Pie is so good that it was featured on Good Morning America. So when I happened upon a reddit thread about the "Best Key Lime Pie in Florida", it was interesting to note how many people said "Publix". Of all the places I've tried, I've overlooked the one at the store just down the road from my house. So it's time to give it a shot. [gallery ids="121664,"]   The first thing I noticed is that the whole pie is only 10 bucks. I've paid close to 10 dollars a slice before, so this was a welcome surprise. We had some friends over yesterday and I decided this was the best time for this taste test. So here's our honest opinions. The Best Key Lime Pie In Florida Is At Publix Without even having to say a word, the first thing I noticed is that everyone finished every last crumb of their slice of pie. Myself included. Key lime has a very distinct taste, different from regular limes, and this was definitely made with Key Lime juice. If I had to guess, it tastes like they're using Nellie & Joe's. Key limes have more acidity, which makes them more tart. That's the reason why they pair so well with sweet ingredients. Publix also uses whipped cream instead of meringue. This is a big one for me. I'm not a fan of meringue, I'll taste it just to get the feel of what the chef is doing, but generally I scrape it off the side and into the trash. And the cream Publix is using isn't overly sweet. I had a bite of just the cream without pie and it really wasn't much. But paired with the pie, it was perfect. The crust. You gotta have the right crust. The crust wasn't overly thick, but just enough to keep the pie from falling apart when you scooped out a slice. And just like the cream, the taste of the crust was perfectly balanced to go with the pie. When you make Key Lime Pie, the taste of the key limes is the feature, and everything else is there to accompany. Publix hit that balance just right. Not too tart, not overly sweet. This pie is amazing. There is a second version of this pie that I want to try. I'm told Publix makes a Mango Key Lime Pie. They didn't have it at the store when I went, so maybe it's a seasonal thing. I'll watch for it.  Put this on your list for when you have people visit from up north. If someone wants to try a 'perfect Florida meal', get them a Pub Sub and a slice of this pie. My go-to is the chicken tender sub, buffalo style-shaken. [select-listicle listicle_id="420344" syndication_name="the-best-local-cuisine-restaurants-in-southwest-florida" description="yes"]  

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