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We Taste Tested 8 Pumpkin Snacks- Are They Worth It?

It's hard to believe that Fall is here and to get in the spirit we taste tested 9 different pumpkin snacks. When you go to the store at this time of year, it can be overwhelming with SO many products available. Everything is so expensive these days, so you want to make sure what you get is worth it. I, along with my friends Budman, Booger and Jenna did the work for you. Most of these products came from either Walmart, Target or Publix in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, so they're readily available for you to enjoy. I've been on the pumpkin spice train forever. It hurts my heart that it's not a year-round flavor, however I do make pumpkin treats myself from time to time randomly. Whether you're indulging in crispy pumpkin spice popcorn, diving headfirst into a plate of pumpkin-shaped cookies, or savoring the gooey delight of pumpkin pie-flavored marshmallows, each bite is like a cozy, cinnamon-scented hug from Mother Nature herself. These snacks are the perfect way to celebrate the fall season. So grab a handful of pumpkin snacks, snuggle up in your favorite blanket (with the AC blasting) and let the pumpkin party in your mouth begin! We Taste Tested 8 Pumpkin Snacks- Are They Worth It?

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