3 Teams Have The Chance To 3-Peat, Which One Will?

What do the Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Aces, and the University of Connecticut men's basketball team have in common? Well, all three of these teams have the chance to 3-Peat right now. Obviously, this means each of these impressive organizations is currently a back-to-back champion. While the Chiefs and UConn are currently preparing for their upcoming season, the Aces are underway going for their quest in the WNBA right now. Beating the Connecticut Sun and New York Liberty in the most recent finals, the Aces have ruled the WNBA since 2022. Although their franchise history dates back to the beginning of the WNBA they have only properly been the Las Vegas team since 2018. Perhaps it helped that Tom Brady became a minority owner in early 2023. Currently, the Aces are hovering around .500, yet they are in the playoff hunt. With experienced stars like Kelsey Plum and A'ja Wilson, the Aces cannot be counted out. Staying on the hardwood, with the ever-moving landscape of college sports, arguably the best thing that could happen for UConn basketball, did happen. Acclaimed head coach Dan Hurley will not be going to Los Angeles and will be back running the basketball show. Now, it's important to note that Stephon Castle and Donovan Clingan are not returning and are expected to be high draft picks. Nonetheless, college sports now allows all sorts of movement in the transfer portal, so UConn's roster will again be one of the best heading into the fall of 2024. More than anything, with Hurley at the helm, like the Aces, you can never count UConn out. Moving over to the NFL now, there's valid reason why the Kansas City Chiefs are being dangled as the NFL's next dynasty. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Andy Reid and company, have won three Super Bowls over the past five years, and have been in the big game four out of the past five years. Only losing to Brady and Bucs in 2021. It's important to note, that the Chiefs 2024 schedule does them no favors. They play many of the best teams including the Ravens and Bengals the first two weeks of the season. Then, they travel to the 49ers and Bills later in the season. Still, with #15, you can't count them out either. Which Of These Teams Has Best Chance To 3-Peat? The last 3-peat we've seen in major sports was the Los Angeles Lakers from 2000 to 2002. There has never been a 3-peat in NFL. Although the Aces and Chiefs are very hard to pick against, I'm going with UConn. They still have an experienced roster that knows how to win. Not every game will be a challenge for them, which will give them time to gel as a unit and tighten up things they need to work on heading into the March tournament. Furthermore, and most importantly, they have one of the best motivators and head coaches in all of sports right now in Hurley.

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