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Florida Skunk Ape Search Launches This Week

Some areas of the United States have the legend of Big Foot in their backyards. In Southwest Florida, there is the elusive Skunk Ape. The hairy half human half animal beast is believed to be a cousin of the legendary Sasquatch. Local officials are having some fun with the local lure all month long. The Florida Skunk Ape search launches this week in Charlotte County, with a twist. There have been  sightings  of Skunk Apes and swamp monsters for decades, and by some accounts even centuries. Every now and then a grainy photograph or video surfaces as alleged proof. But none of the mythical beings have been captured. The lure almost always resurfaces this time of year, for Halloween. Back to the hunt in Charlotte County. It does not take place in the Florida Everglades or any other swampy area. The county's Land Management team is asking for help  searching West County parks. They want to locate the Skunk Ape in connection with some vandalism. Insert twist number two. The vandalism is a series of pink hand prints. Those handprints are in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer can be just as scary as a swamp monster so it might seem fitting that officials have tied the two together. How the Skunk Ape search works To join the search, visit the west county parks and preserves. Then, keep you eyes peeled for th0se Skunk Ape hand prints. Finally, take a few photos and post on social media (@charcoparks) or email them to the city. You may get a Skunk Ape bumper sticker for participating.  OK. So it might not be as thrilling as combing the swamps of the Florida Everglades. However, it is safer, more fun and an activity the entire family can enjoy. “Come enjoy our parks and preserves and let’s have fun looking for the legendary Skunk Ape. You will absolutely enjoy your time in our wild lands,” said Senior Environmental Specialist Jason Thompson. [select-listicle listicle_id="388597" syndication_name="unbelievable-florida-python-hunting-videos" description="yes"]

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