(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

With Hurricane Ian devastating our area, there are a lot of out of state linemen in town and they’re using dating apps to hook up with SWFL “bucket bunnies”. 

All around town, there’s men who have come to Florida to help, and with linemen from 30 states coming to our rescue, there’s a lot of them. In fact, the other day on Instagram, I saw a picture from Lynq restaurant and brought it in to some co-workers and said “Girls, this is the time to find me a husband!” While I was kidding, maybe I shouldn’t have been, as these lonely men down here turning our power on, are looking to be turned on themselves.

While that might be music to a single girl’s ears, it’s not for one group of ladies: the linemen’s wives.

Ooh boy the drama is heating up. On TikTok, a lot of local ladies were quick to point out the influx in men on Tinder with their neon shirts and construction helmets. Meanwhile, the wives of these linemen on the apps have a new term for girls on the prowl: “bucket bunnies”. Of course this term is in reference to the bucket trucks that linemen stand in to reach the power lines and these single “bunnies” trying to tempt these men to cheat on their wives while they’re in town.

This isn’t the only career in which a term like this has been invented. There’s “row hos” for pipeline workers, “patch chasers” for motorcyclists and “badge bunnies” for police officers.

While I’m sure there’s plenty of ladies lookin’ right now, one TikTok user commented what the majority of us are thinking, “Most of us in Florida just want our power back on”.