The Price Of Beer In Every NFL Stadium For The 2023 Season

Inflation is everywhere, you can't hide from it. Here in Florida gas prices are once again inching up to 4 dollars a gallon. I just want to go to a game, have a few drinks, and leave the real world behind for a few hours. But, we need to maintain a budget. That's why you should always pregame. I saw that an Eagles fan showed up in the parking lot at 4:30 am for an 8:15 pm kickoff. That's some absolute dedication there. Did someone track that guy down to see if he was still conscious come game time? I admire you, sir. I'm guessing if this guy could still function at an NFL game, he was unfazed by the price of beer in the stadium. So, you got a couple in you, and you're ready to head into the stadium. That's where I miss the old days of cash. With cash, you knew how much you had, and that's what you spent. Credit cards can get out of hand. We took a bus from Naples, Florida to a Dolphins game and I was pretty drunk before I got to Hard Rock in Miami. I still managed to spend over $200 in drinks. So let's examine the price of a beer in each of the 32 NFL stadiums. I realize the way we rank 'em can be a bit controversial. Last year, Fox5 in Washington, DC was upset at me because the Commanders had the most expensive beer and I called them out for it. Their cheapest beer was $16. More than triple some of the others. I publicly shamed Fed Ex Field, the home of the Washington Commanders for having the most expensive-lowest priced beer in the NFL. Less than a year later, Dan Snyder sold the team. And guess what? There's now cheaper beer prices at Fed Ex Field. YOU'RE WELCOME, WASHINGTON (and your team is much better this year, too). This year, collected the necessary data. They reached out to teams and used other local sources, then took beer prices and converted them all to 16-ounce size. So this year it's an apples to apple thing. How much is 16 oz of beer? I guess Los Angeles is gonna be mad at me this year, so here goes...

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