7-Eleven Bring Your Own Cup Day is Saturday April 13th

It's time once again to overindulge on a delicious Slurpee. The 7-Eleven Bring Your Own Cup Day is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday April 13th. And there are even more places to go in Southwest Florida than you think. First up, I forgot how much I loved Slurpees until I visited the Golisano Children's Hospital last week. They have a Slurpee machine on the 4th floor. The kids asked for it, and they got a machine installed. Good on them - and thanks for sharing. Back to what I said earlier, the deal isn't just at 7-Eleven stores. There's 2 different Southwest Florida spots where you can load up.  7-Eleven®, and Speedway® customers can grab a vessel of their choosing and fill it with the iconic frozen and fizzy beverage for only $1.99. Now, there's only 5 Speedway stores here, but there are a LOT of 7-Eleven stores in the area. There's really no reason to get directions, just drive for a few minutes down a main road and you'll see one. So, here's the Bring Your Own Cup Day rules. In order to properly enjoy Bring Your Own Cup Day, please ensure the cup is clean, watertight, leak-proof and fits upright within the 10-inch hole in the in-store display, indicating it can fit under the Slurpee drink dispenser. Aside from that, fans are encouraged to bring their motorcycle helmets, fish bowls or milk cartons to their local store to fill with the season’s limited time only flavors like Chili Mango and Fanta Dragonfruit Zero or classic fan favorite flavors including Coca-Cola, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Pina Colada. My Bring Your Own Cup Day recommendation. And this one comes from Logan at the Children's Hospital. he told me "mix the red and blue together." Since I never argue with a child when it comes to liquid sugar that's what I did. I think it was Cherry and Blue Raspberry and it made my tongue and whole mouth turn purple. Logan may have been messing with me, but it was delicious. [select-gallery gallery_id="437117" syndication_name="southwest-florida-radio-listeners-donate" description="yes"]

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