Marion County Florida Food Fight Results in Pizza Assault Arrest.

Hold onto your pizza slices, we’ve got a bizarre tale from the Sunshine State. A man in Marion County Florida has been arrested for committing the ultimate pizza party foul – assaulting a woman with a slice of pizza.

According to Fox News, the suspect, Ortelio Lazaro Alfonso, became enraged when the victim disciplined someone else in the home, and in a fit of fury, decided to launch a slice of pizza at her face. And we’re not talking a gentle toss – this was a full-on slap!

The victim was left with pizza all over her shirt, in her hair, and even around her ear. But it didn’t stop there. When deputies arrived at the scene, they found a very saucy scene.  Pizza sauce splattered all over the walls and ceiling of the kitchen.  The entire place was a veritable pizzeria crime scene.

Alfonso was quick to defend his actions, claiming he didn’t physically strike the victim with his hands, just with the pizza. Because apparently, flinging a piece of pizza at someone’s face is totally acceptable behavior in his book.

We can only imagine the scene that played out in that Florida home. Was it a classic Chicago deep-dish that was used as a weapon? Or was it a greasy New York-style slice that left sauce everywhere? The details may never be fully known, but one thing is for sure – this is one food fight that didn’t end with laughs and high fives.

Alfonso was arrested on a battery charge and booked into the Marion County Jail. But let’s be real – this guy should probably be banned from pizza for life. We can’t have people going around flinging slices like they’re ninja stars. It’s just not okay.

Highest-Rated Pizza Restaurants in Naples in 2023 According to Yelp

Highest-Rated Pizza Restaurants in Naples in 2023 According to Yelp

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the world, enjoyed by people of all ages and cultures. It’s a versatile dish that can be customized with endless toppings and flavors to suit personal tastes. But what makes a pizza truly great?

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to what makes one pizza better than another. There are a few key factors to consider. First, the crust must be crispy and flavorful. Next, the sauce must be delicious and balanced, not overpowering the other ingredients. When it comes to toppings, quality ingredients are a must. Toppings need to be evenly distributed ensuring every bite has a perfect blend of ingredients.

Did you know that there are 350 slices of pizza consumed every second in the United States, and the average American eats pizza at least once a month. I mean, what’s not to love about a good, old-fashioned slice? How much does America love pizza? $45.1 billion in annual sales should give you a rough idea.

Naples Florida obviously traces it’s heritage back to Naples Italy so it’s no wonder there’s so many great pizza places in this town. Breaking it down to just the top 10 was an impossible choice so I went with scientific data from Yelp and left my own judgement out of this. Not all have social pages, but I included pics if I could because let’s be honest, pizza is a beautiful sight to see.

Top 10 Highest-Rated Pizza Restaurants in Naples in 2023 According to Yelp: