Jevon Jackson, a 22-year-old Palm Bay Florida man, has officially taken the crown for the most ludicrous reason to break the speed limit.

According to Fox 35, Jevon was traveling at a lightning-fast speed of 100 mph in a 40-mph zone with not one, not two, but three children in his car! Now, normally one would expect someone who is driving with three kids to take it easy and ensure their safety. But not Jevon, oh no. This guy had a mission – to get his girlfriend to a job interview at Taco Bell. I mean, who wouldn’t risk the lives of children for a chance at a fast-food job? Look at thoseĀ  priorities! Talk about making a run for the boarder!

Palm Bay Police:

It’s not every day that you see someone barreling down the road like a bat out of hell with a car full of children, all while trying to score a job at a fast-food restaurant. But hey, Jevon’s gotta do what Jevon’s gotta do, right? It’s almost like he thought, “If I can’t get my girlfriend to this job interview on time, how will she ever earn the money to buy me a Crunchwrap Supreme?”

Luckily, the Palm Bay police were quick to catch him before he could cause any serious harm to himself or others on the road. Jevon now faces a slew of charges, including reckless driving and child neglect. He also gets a gold medal for driving with a suspended license, which is like the ultimate trifecta of bad driving.

In conclusion, folks, let’s take a moment to reflect on Jevon’s wild Taco Bell adventure. We can all learn a valuable lesson from this story. Sometimes it’s best to just take it slow and savor life’s moments, even if that means missing out on a chalupa.

These Are The Most Common Nightmares Floridians Have

Ah nightmares, you never ask for them yet they seem to show up from time to time and these are the most common nightmares Floridians have.

I’m a very vivid dreamer. In fact, most nights I can recall my dreams well. In fact the other night I had a crazy dream/nightmare about being in an RV and having to duck with my dog from a shooting at a Super Bowl party in a campground. It was wild, but when I woke up and my puppy was sleeping right under my arm like usual, I calmed down quickly. But man, sometimes they just seem SO real it’s hard to shake them.

While at the time it seemed very real, some nightmares are just silly. They seem real at the time, but when you wake up and realize it was about a a giant spider riding a unicycle through a field of broccoli, you can’t help but laugh. Although some people will always try to find the significance of nightmares. In that case, a fear of spiders? Bad balance? A hatred of broccoli? Who knows.

Regardless of their cause, there’s no denying the impact that some nightmares can have on our waking lives. A particularly vivid nightmare can leave us feeling unsettled for days, or even weeks. wanted to see what the most common nightmares are that Floridians have. They looked at Google search data and came up with their list based on what has been most frequently searched for over the last year.

Top 5 Most Common Nightmares Floridians Have:

  • 5. Falling in Love

    Mass Wedding Ceremony Held For 40 Couples In West Palm Beach

    (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

  • 4. Aliens /UFO's

    Unarius Academy of Science Expects Flying Saucers in 2001

    (Photo by David McNew/Newsmakers)

  • 3. Flying

    Travel Images

    (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

  • 2. Speaking Another Language

    Britain And France Sign New Treaty On Calais Migrants

    (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

  • 1. Being Lost

    Illegal Logging In Europe's Green Heart; Bulgaria

    (Photo by Hristo Rusev/Getty Images)