It seems like the Sunshine State just can’t resist serving up some prime entertainment. Today’s Florida man that’s cooking up some trouble is Joshua Dummar. He’s a self-proclaimed gourmet chef with an unconventional recipe for relationship disaster.

According to The Smoking Gun, a heated argument between Dummar and his girlfriend reaches its boiling point one fateful Sunday night in Pinellas Park. Tempers flared, doors slammed, and the poor lady thought she had locked away the source of the chaos. But alas, love (or maybe poor judgment) prevailed, and she let Dummar back inside.

However, what happens next is where things get juicy. As the tension simmered, Dummar, clearly channeling his inner Gordon Ramsay, decided to show off his culinary skills. Except, instead of whipping up a delightful feast, he opted for a more direct approach to spicing things up. Grabbing a steak, he delivered not one, but two smacks to the left cheek of his unfortunate partner. Talk about a tenderized relationship!

Florida Man:

To add insult to injury, the assault was even captured on camera. Yes, folks, Dummar’s moment of culinary madness was immortalized for the world to see. It’s like he wanted to make sure his seasoning skills were fully appreciated, leaving behind a savory souvenir on the victim’s cheek.

As a result, the law had a beef to pick with Dummar. He was swiftly apprehended and escorted to the county jail, where he traded his spatula for a set of handcuffs. Perhaps he’ll take this opportunity to explore less aggressive ways of expressing his passion for cooking. Maybe whipping up a nice soufflé or baking a delicate quiche?

In the meantime, Dummar has been banned from any contact with his girlfriend by the powers that be. This may give him some much-needed time to reflect on his seasoning technique and, more importantly, on his life choices. After all, it takes a special kind of talent to go from landscaping to assaulting someone with a steak.


Good Grilling Recipes For Memorial Day

Here are some good grilling recipes for Memorial Day as well as for TikTok Tuesday. The long holiday weekend is just days away. It’s the unofficial kick-off to summer. Memorial Day is also synonymous with cooking out, grilling, and barbecuing. Cookouts and picnics are an American past time. The concept of cooking meat over fire is a simple one. However, it’s not always so simple to pull off successfully.

Chicken quarters on the grill for Memorial Day

Chicken on the grill is simple, delicious and can be spiced up in so many ways.

Good grilling

A good grill master has to consider things such as the heat of the coals. In addition, there are flavor boosters such as wood chips for that signature smoky element. Next, the meats. For this grilling piece, chicken is the star. Chicken may seem boring at first but it is such a versatile meat for the grill. The types of marinades range from spicy island-style to sweet and tangy BBQ and everything in between. And best of all, you can eat it with your hands.

Videos trending on social media sites right now offer all kinds of tips for grilling success. The ones I’ve gathered cover a little bit of everything, different seasonings, cooking methods and ingredients with a range of calories. If that is something you are keeping track of. You will even find an easy, time saving hack if kababs are in your Memorial Day grilling future. Finally, if you don’t have a grill or don’t want to be in the heat, there are indoor methods that make for great substitutes.

You don’t have to have a TikTok account to check out these videos. You simply have to scroll down and hit play from this post. Most of these look pretty simple and all look delicious. Hopefully these will inspire you in the kitchen this weekend. Enjoy these good grilling recipes for Memorial Day.